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Online Golf Lessons

Online Golf Lessons by Britt Sharrock Golf

online golf lessonsWith our busy lives, it’s sometimes tough to get to the course for an hour long lesson.

Britt Sharrock Golf Instruction has a convenient solution to this issue, Online Video Lessons.

Email your swing videos to Britt and allow him to provide you with a voice recorded video analysis of you golf swing using the

Here is an example of what you will get:

If you are looking for a quick tip or checking the progress you have made from private lessons with Britt, this is the perfect instruction tool for you.

Online Lessons are only $19.99. Email your videos and receive your analyzed lesson in 2-3 days. Got a tournament coming up and need your lesson rushed? It’s just $5 more. Payment will be tendered through Britt’s PayPal account.

Just about any camera phone will work: iPhone, Android, etc. Record your swing from both of the following perspectives:

Online Golf Lessons

*In the “Down the Line” video, make sure to have the camera parallel to the feet; use an alignment stick like in the picture. In the “Face On” video make sure that you are perpendicular to the alignment stick.*

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