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Golf was a gift given to me at the age of 16 months. I don’t remember exactly what I was thinking at the time. Maybe it was the green plastic club I was holding or the feeling of when I impacted the rubber ball, or just chasing the ball around the basement after I hit it, but it was then that golf became my first love in life. That love has persisted, and now I have the great privilege to continue my life’s work as the Director of Instruction at Bear Creek Golf Club.

Please allow me to fill in the gaps from 16 months old until now.  I continued working on my game until the summer after 4th grade.  I recall it was 1996 because I watchedTiger win his final U.S. Amateur that summer when the opportunity to start playing tournaments was presented to me by my father. I thought for about 15 seconds and then decidedly accepted the offer. I knew then the decision would alter the trajectory of my life significantly.  I worked hard on my game, and it was at ten years old I decided I needed to improve my putting and pre-shot routine to start winning. At age 11, I broke through for the first time, and I had already set my sights on the PGA Tour. By 13, I found myself competing well at regional and even national stages alongside some of the countries best up-and-coming talent. Looking back, traveling to all those tournaments around the east coast with my father was an extraordinary experience and has profoundly shaped my love for teaching golf.

My junior career ultimately got me on a D1 college team at Drexel University in Philadelphia, PA. It was here that the holes in my technique, along with the difficulties of getting to a course 50 min away and a full course load, proved to become adverse to my scoring. It is also here that a different side of my gift’s started to manifest. I was consumed with the art of producing music and was getting pretty good at it. I even made a record with a major label artist my senior year. The highlights, however, during this time were mostly in my musical pursuits. I had moments of playing good golf in college, I even won a tournament after our coach decided to limit us to 10 clubs for the day, but at the end of those four years, I decided it was time to part ways with golf. I didn’t see how I could go further and compete at a professional level at that time. 

 Fortunately, after about three years away from the game, I was moved by circumstance and spirit to pick up the game again. Unable to do anything half measure, I went back into training, practicing, and studying golf about 16 hours a day for a year. The restored fire for the game anti-climactically did not result in any good golf that year.   In retrospect, it did lay the groundwork for some of the teaching and training methods I still employ. Despite this, I had no idea that I was working towards a life of teaching the game.

After that stint, I realized I wasn’t going to magically be on the PGA Tour and win the U.S. Open, so I did the next logical thing and got a job caddying at a prestigious private club outside of Washington, D.C., called Chevy Chase Club. It was here that I learned the game from what I called the “second side of the bag.” It’s the side of the bag adjacent to the golfer, and it’s where the golfer receives necessary information, counsel, and support. I flourished as a caddie and quickly found great benefit in how my golfing skills and perceptions became sharpened. I saw hundreds of shots, read hundreds of putts, and calculated hundreds of numbers every day on the job. I learned to adapt these traits in a matter of moments to each person I was working with and gained a great deal of psychological insight into how the average person views and plays the game. It was also the beginning of my coaching, in a way. With specific golfers, I began teaching the mental and strategic aspects of the game, including pre-shot routine and breathing techniques. I was quickly amazed at how much these techniques benefited these players. Still, I was not aware that this experience was directly preparing me for a career as a teacher.

In the fall of 2017, I decided it was time to leave Maryland and move to the great state of Texas. After about six months of living here, again through circumstance and spirit, I decided it was time to take my career in golf to the next step, so I applied for an assistant professional position at Bridlewood Golf Club. Two days later, I found myself hired and presented with an opportunity to get an instructor certification through the Hank Haney Golf School and start teaching. I immediately perused it with full force, and by September of that year, I had officially begun my teaching career.  I knew I had found my calling right away.

Since then, I have been on a fruitful journey in my professional and personal existence. I have had the privilege of teaching over 500 golfers in my first three years and logged over 750 teaching hours in my 3rd full year. A contributing factor to my success occurred in 2019 when I was fortunate to meet the person who would become my mentor, Marius Filmalter (inventor of Sam Putt Lab and coach to countless professionals). We discussed the underlying physics and neuroscience principles for the human golf swing, over games of pool, and South African cooking. I started applying these principles and fundamentals to my teaching. Along with my study of other great teachers and continuing interest in science, I have refined a method of instruction that goes beyond symptomatic treatment and addresses the root physical or psychological fundamentals that may be causing many points of difficulty with your golf game. I achieve a %100 improvement rate among my students and work to build competency and understanding to ensure long-term success.

And now for a little about me. Lol. I love music, especially rock and roll music. Graceland by Paul Simon is my all-time favorite album. I had a career intertwined in the above story as a record producer where I was producing original music with recording artists in my home studio. I caddied for a President of the United States. In 2017 I came to faith. I have a passion for health and health sciences. I currently restrict feeding to a 4-hour window and fast most of the time, although I maintain muscle mass and energy level. I practice meditation and chi gung daily to establish peak physical and mental performance. I’m very grateful for the life I live, and my main goal is to make the world a little better all the time through my thoughts and actions.