Group Golf Lessons - Myles Vlachos

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Private Group Lesson

 A group lesson is a great way to gain access to a full hour of instruction at a reduced cost and in good company! It can be a group of friends, family members, or occasionally I pair up different individuals expressing interest in a group lesson. So don’t hesitate to inquire if there is a group for you or feel you learn well and enjoy a small group setting.

Gentleman’s Clinic (60+)

The Gentleman's Clinic at Bear Creek Golf Club is for men over 60 that want to learn the game weekly in a group setting. Topics include but are not limited to driving, rhythm, putting, chipping, course strategy, approach shots, and bunker play. The sessions will last an hour, and each session will cover one full-swing topic and one short game skill. We dedicate approximately equal time between the full swing and short game. During the sessions, students will have some individual attention from Myles and assistants to provide hands-on coaching of the day's topics. This clinic is also a great way to network and meet fellow golfers and, hopefully, make playing partners.

Ladies Clinic

The Ladies Clinic at Bear Creek Golf Club is for all adult ladies that want to learn the game in a group setting. This group is a great way to learn the basics of golf, gain the confidence and ability to play on the course, and hopefully, make friends. We will cover all the fundamentals and basic shots to complete a round of golf in 1-hour sessions. We will dedicate some time to the driving range and around the greens to develop distance and control techniques in each session. I love to make these groups fun and engaging and encourage my students to bring their personalities with their clubs to the lesson. We will accomplish a lot, get you golfing, and have a good time while doing it.