Private Golf Lessons - Myles Vlachos

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Private Lesson (1. Hr)

An individual golf lesson where you will gain access to Myles ’undivided attention and wisdom for one full hour of learning. Private lesson students have access to my full array of technology and training equipment. Every session will address fundamentals, execution, practice habits, learning style and end with notes and a game plan.

Private Lesson (30 min)

A 30 min lesson provides all the same benefits as an hour lesson but in a more condensed version or covering a more specific aspect of the game. After the initiation lesson, we will collectively determine if a 30 min or 1 hr lesson is optimal for your needs, goals, learning style, and time management.


Partner Lesson (1. Hr)

A partner lesson is another great way to access world-class golf instruction. It can consist of two friends, work colleagues, couples, family members, or sometimes two people who express a common interest and are in similar stages of learning. It’s fun and exciting to learn golf with people you enjoy, so don’t hesitate to partner up!

Partner Lesson (30 min.)

The same experience as a partner lesson but in a condensed 30 min session. The shortening of this session to 30-minute is for all the same reasons as concentrating the 30-minute private lesson. It will be determined collectively after the first session if a 1 hr or 30-minute session is best moving forward for your needs and learning