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Become a Member of the GolfFIT Performance Academy

4 Reasons to be a Member of the GolfFIT Performance Academy

1. Have Fun

Learning the game of golf is so much fun in a group, especially for kids. Friendships are developed and a competitive atmosphere is born.

2. Grow students’ knowledge of golf fundamentals.

My instruction is fundamental-based that builds a lasting foundation of knowledge for every aspect of the game of golf. My students will learn golf fundamentals that will instill an understanding of their own golf game and how to self-sufficiently improve their game.

3. Practice and rehearse to build a well-rounded, consistent golf game.

Learning the game of golf is just like any other sport. It takes countless reps to create a golf game that can be consistent and competitive. Bi-weekly training sessions provide this to each student. A junior golfer is at the age for prime development, and the academy can get them to the level they wish to be.

4. Golf Fitness Training

GolfFIT Performance Academy will introduce juniors to fitness in a new fun and innovative way. Developing proper body functioning affects the golf swing in a positive way but more importantly your overall general health.


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