Corporate Outings – Trackman Experience

Businesses, if you’re hosting a corporate outing, provide your clients and employees with an experience they have never seen before. Provide them with the Trackman Experience!

The Trackman Experience is service provided by Britt Sharrock Golf Instruction and each participant will gain a new and exciting insight into their golf swing.

To gain a better understanding of Trackman, view this short video: Trackman Overview. Trackman is the choice of the PGA Tour for swing and ball flight analysis. A staple on professional tours, with leading club fitters, manufacturers, retailers, universities, academies, instructors, players and broadcast TV, Trackman is the industry standard for accuracy, flexibility, reliability and ease of use.
Britt Sharrock Golf Instruction

How Trackman Experience Works

  • Britt will setup on a specified tee box which will include the Trackman, high speed cameras, and viewing tent.
  • Each player will hit a shot in front of the Trackman, and the Trackman will gather a wide range of data from that individual shot: swing speed, ball speed, club path, face angle at impact, etc.
  • Each player will also have their swing captured on a high speed camera.
  • An analyzed video of your swing and correlating Trackman numbers will be created for each player. Watch this video and see how it will work. TRACKMAN SWING ANALYSIS. OR, scroll down to see the video at the bottom of this page.
  • This data and videos will be uploaded onto, and each player will be able to log onto to access their numbers and videos.
Trackman Golf Radar System


Having your Trackman statistics and how they correlate to better ball striking will give each player the proper knowledge needed to become a better golfer. They will also be able to view the video of their swing and know how the “Trackman Stats” apply.


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Give your clients and employees something that they will not get at any other corporate or charity golf outing. Give them the Trackman Experience!

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How Trackman Swing Analysis Works