"Golf is the only sport I’ve ever played where you take a lesson and you’re immediately a worse player. That has been my experience quite often but not with Britt. In fact just this week, I had an important match and worried because I had not been playing well. So I did an hour with Britt, worked on my swing mechanics, embraced a few simple corrections I could apply when out on the course and played one of my best rounds of the season.

I’ve found that while there is a certain technique that works for most, Britt is able to modify his teaching philosophy when necessary as not everyone learns the same way. That’s why the golf lessons in magazines don’t work for most; teaching proper golf mechanics is uniquely specialized and can’t be generalized in that way.

I met Britt when Golf Digest Top 100 teaching pro Shawn Humphries was mentoring him at Cowboys Golf Club, where he now concentrates on developing some of the top junior players in the country.

Britt has a great demeanor, communicates well and knows the proper swing techniques. He’s also Trackman certified so every part of your swing can be analyzed to reveal problems and solutions, and Britt emails me several examples so I can replay them if I need a refresher following the lesson.

I’ve become a much improved putter after just one lesson on the greens with Britt giving me stroke technique that I never had as a late-comer to the game who was primarily self-taught.

Britt has everything necessary to make you a better player right away."

-Ed Werder

"In a matter of 4 lessons & a few instructional conversations, I saw my score literally drop 6-8 strokes. He definitely has a way of not only identifying your swing, but explaining it. He can break down your mechanics to help identify your problem and strong areas – Totally recommended in my book."

-Justin Crenshaw (Roanoke, TX)

"Britt built my 14-year-old daughter’s golf swing for the ground up. She’s a 10 handicapper now. He’s, without a doubt, the very best golf instructor you could ever find. I checked out his website and it’s so cool!!! He has always conducted himself in a most professional manner and the site reflects his attention to detail… as you are all too aware, Andi’s success (Andi started learning to play golf in 2010 and Britt was her only swing coach) is, no part, due to his patience and caring instructions….. For all, Andi is now 14-years-old drives the ball 260+ yards and scores 2 – 3 shots over par…. she played in 20+ junior tour tournaments in Indiana and Michigan during the summer. She placed in the top 5 in 15 of these winning 2 (one was the St Joseph Metro Championship winning in her age division 13 -15 year olds). Britt is one the best golf instructors you could ever ever be involved with…. thanks Britt."

-Fred (South Bend, IN)

"I wanted to improve my swing and technique but dreaded instruction. Hitting on the range was fun; but I knew doing the wrong thing over and over wasn’t helping me. Other instructors wanted to model my technique to be like a man’s swing. Britt was the first pro I’ve worked with that adapted my physical abilities as a woman. Week after week, he watched for my personal patterns and suggested options I could try on the range. Britt encouraged me to practice all parts of the game…not just driving and putting. Eventually, I began to like going to instruction, became more consistent and stronger. I think he suprised himself how much I’ve improved."

-Dea (Ft. Worth, TX)

"I started working with Britt Sharrock after a frustrating year of poor golf. My handicap was stuck at 19 and not improving. My swing was average, fade to slice pattern and short game inconsistent. Today I hit longer due to draw swing he has taught me and my short game is my scoring strength today. While the swing change was awkward I stayed with it and today my Handicap improved to 10. Highly recommend Britt’s instruction and with commitment you can build that repetitive swing as well."

-Lee (Keller, TX)

"My husband has been playing golf for years, but I was new to the game. We needed an instructor who had the patience to teach a golf novice and also the skills to fine-tune a seasoned player. We got both in Britt! His passion for the game comes across as soon as you meet him. He is genuinely interested in making you a better player, and along the way, he sparks that desire in you to show him (and yourself) that you can be a better player. He not only has the right techniques to teach you or ‘undo’ your bad habits, but he also brings his philosophy of golf to the lesson so you can appreciate and understand the nuances of the game. His infinite patience, and love of the game, make it a pleasure to learn from him."

-Chris (Southlake, TX)

"Growing up with a Dad who was an avid golfer, I always aspired to become a good golfer. Unfortunately, every time I would try and get out to improve my skill I would quickly become discouraged and give up. It wasn’t until I started lessons with Britt that I saw quick and noticeable improvement in my game that made me excited to go out to the driving range or play a round of golf. Britt not only understands the technique it takes to perfect a great golf swing, but does a great job of communicating how to go about achieving results."

-Trevor (Keller, TX)

"I have been taking lessons from Britt for 5 years and won’t go to anyone else in the Metroplex. He’s not only great at breaking down my golf swing but is able to explain it in a way that makes perfect sense, and is extremely friendly to boot. I’ve recommended him to anyone that has ever asked and they have always been as happy with him as I am."

-Dan (Dallas, TX) 3.5 Handicap

"Britt’s love of the game is apparent in his instruction style. His patience and casual manner made it simple to follow his instruction in improving my swing, resulting in better scores. He personalizes his coaching to the player and their habits. Britt is an excellent instructor whether one is a beginner or advanced player."

-Robert (Flower Mound, TX)

"Britt is great with my three kids and really understands how to simply explain the fundamentals of a golf swing. He’s top notch!"

-David (Grapevine, TX)