Golf Fitness

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Golfers have access the most state-of-the-art training facility in DFW, Driven Elite Fitness & Health.

Golfers will experience a new way to become healthier and a better golfer. Driven Elite Fitness & Health specializes in life-changing fitness, nutrition, and lifestyle programs to fit a person’s goals and needs. The mission is to empower the everyday individual to push past their comfort zone, and towards a strong and healthy lifestyle. We strive to make a life-changing experience for every person at an affordable price.

Driven Elite benefits to each golfer:

  • Proper stretches to improve flexibility and to prevent injury.
  • Custom workouts tailored to each golfer to increase strength, flexibility, and stability but also to correct body limitations that affect your golf swing.
  • Golf-minded workout drills to further golf fundamentals.
  • A fitness conscious culture that will improve health.
  • Injury rehabilitation at the sports-medicine clinic.

Fitness Programs and Services

Private Training

  • 60-minute session Performance Coach, Austin Dobrescu
    • Base: $100
    • 3-Pack: $275
    • 5-Pack: $400
    • 10-Pack: $750
  • Driven Elite Private Trainer

Junior Fitness (Complementary physical assessment)

  • $75/mo - Unlimited Fitness
  • 3 classes available each week

Adult Fitness (Complementary physical assessment)

  • $125/mo - Unlimited Fitness
  • 3 classes available each week

    TPI Level 2 Certified – Fitness Professional

    This certification is focused on teaching the skills needed to run an effective golf-specific training program. Your “My TPI Pro” membership will focus on strength and power screening and development, exercise progressions, body weight training, group training, cardiovascular evaluation and protocols, wrist and ankle screens and advanced golf swing biomechanics.