Legends Elite Program Select

The definition of “Coaching”: In 1830, the word “coach” became a slang reference for a tutor who “carries” a student through an exam, and in 1861 the term was further applied to the athletic world. Our Coaches embrace this concept of a coach “carrying” a golfer across the skill development process. Coaches do not simply provide players with a map as to how to get to their ultimate destination, but better yet, “carry” them, assist them, guide them, and support them as they embark on the journey.

Maturing into a champion both on and off the course is an exciting challenge for aspiring young athletes and their families. It takes considerable commitment, support, feedback and training. A professional coaching influence combined with effective training and practice is paramount in this process. The Legends Elite Program Select has a consistent approach to developing and nurturing adolescents so that they will mature into the finest golfers and most outstanding people possible. This specialized program presents committed athletes with an opportunity to realize their goals in both sport and life.

The program is athlete and parent driven in that the activities and the program are steered by the players and their parents. The program is extremely successful and it yields results. Participating athletes experience tremendous growth as young adults and have achieved many outstanding feats as competitive golfers. The GPA prepares participants for life as student-athletes at the university level.

This program offers structured coaching, practice, and training with a focus on core fundamentals; swing technique, fitness, nutrition, short game proficiency, course management and mental skills. Each coaching session will include a combine score and/or competition. (Trackman combine or short game combine). Combine scores will be reassessed and evaluated bi-weekly for each student.

Each coaching session will have four main goals:

  • Have Fun.
  • Grow students’ knowledge of golf fundamentals.
  • Practice and rehearse the fundamentals to build a well-rounded, consistent golf game.
  • To interact and COMPETE with other like-minded athletes and families.