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Trackman 4: The TrackMan 4 tracks and displays the full trajectory of any shot, from short putts to 400-yard drives, pinpointing the landing position with superior accuracy. It also maps the shot's 3D trajectory in real-time, together with all impact and launch information.  This is the state of the art launch monitor.  It also allows for full simulator capabilities to have a phenomenal indoor hitting experience as well.

 Super speed Trainers: Super Speed clubs are weighted clubs designed to be swung at high speeds to develop more speed and distance potential.  The concept of “over speed” training is used in a variety of sports from baseball to Olympic track and field.  I use super speed clubs in the traditional sense, and in very targeted ways, in lessons, to increase a golfers awareness about a specific thing they are working on.

Super Speed C: Targeted to help increase hand and arm speed, this new club uses the principles of counterweight training to change the balance point of the club by moving the mass behind the hands. This allows for a significantly faster release speed leading to more club head speed.

 Coach Now: I use Coach Now to record and analyze swing video during lessons and give golfers and well organized, cloud based platform to access lesson content and notes.  This helps both you and I stay focused and organized in our pursuit to improving your game.

 Ikonic Golf: Ikonic golf is an online cloud based platform in which I can assign pre-recorded videos demonstrating particular skills, drills, tasks, exercises, and fundamentals for you to access during practice sessions. 

 IPad Pro: All video for the Coach Now platform is shot in HD at 240 frames per second on an iPad Pro.  I use the largest viewing screen iPad  available.

 Go Pro Max:  All lessons are recorded in the entire duration for archival, promotional, and educational purposes on a Go Pro Max.  The Max captures great audio and a super wide camera view to capture the lesson as we move through my teaching station.

 The Hanger:  The Hanger is an ingenious swing aid that I attach to clubs of a variety of different weights.  The purpose of this is to create a heightened sense of awareness and the correct technique with constant feedback on the most important bodily segment of the swing, you hands!  This is a great training aid for beginners and pros a like.

 The Momentus:  A blast from the past, this yellow beast of a club is designed to increase proprioception and strength in your training sessions.  This is often timed paired with The Hanger to great effect.

 RMT Clubs:  The Weck Method RMT Clubs are great training device for physical strength as well as coordination training, and increasing awareness of physical movements.  A variety weights allows me to tailor the sensation to the swing needs we are addressing as well emphasize training speed or strength.

 Balance Discs:  The balance discs are a great tool for developing stability in the golf swing, as well as increasing focus, improving tempo and timing, and increasing release speed.  The body is the fulcrum of the golf swing.  Maximizing the stability of the fulcrum allows the club head to swing faster at the time of impact. 

 Pressure Plate:  I use the pressure plate to communicate the order of events in which the momentum of the club causes the pressure to shift in the golfers feet.  Most demonstrations of this product I have seen are fundamentally wrong because the show the pressure transfer of the feet causing the movement of the club.  This disobeys sounds physics and principles of neuroscience.  When this sequence is in proper order making consistent solid contact becomes much simpler and easier.

 Hackmotion:   This is a state of the art wrist motion sensor that tracks the movement of the most important bodily segment of the swing.  The hands.  This is because the hands are the controller of the golf swing.  The Hackmotion provides motion graphs, data tracking, as well as real time audible feedback to accelerate learning time of proper wrist mechanics in the golf swing.

 Target Circles:  I use a variety of target circles especially around the greens to perform my series of practice games.  Having visual targets along with gamification in the development of the short game pays dividends in real on course situations.

 Alignment Sticks:  The good old alignment stick is a must have for a variety of reasons.  Most people use it for only alignment but we will use it as a versatile tool to communicate different principles and provide instantaneous feedback to your practice routine.