Cowboys Golf Club Rookie Competitive Program - 5-11 yr olds - Multiple Months

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The Rookie Competitive Program is the introductory level of the junior academy and provides the building blocks for a lasting golf game. Young athletes are taught the fundamental skills on a constant basis, skills such as grip, setup, ball position, alignment, etc. Being apart of this program will give young golfers an opportunity to socialize and make golf buddies. The competitive spirit is infused into each session creating a fun “game-like” atmosphere. With competitions and games, young golfers learn the fundamentals by osmosis but also instill a foundation to perform under pressure.

Each coaching session will have four main goals:

  • Have Fun.
  • Grow students’ knowledge of golf fundamentals.
  • Practice and rehearse the fundamentals to build a well-rounded, consistent golf game.
  • To interact and COMPETE with other like-minded athletes and families.

Coaching sessions will cover full-swing and short-game and will incorporate all areas of the game:

  • Full Swing
  • Putting
  • Chipping
  • Pitch Shots
  • Bunker Play
  • Course Management
  • Golf Etiquette
  • Rules of Golf
  • Golf fitness

Students will be grouped together based on ability level and age.

Please note: 

  • The $1,000, 4-Month Membership receives 4-90 minute classes monthly
  • The $1,500, 4-Month Membership receives 8-90 minute classes monthly

This purchase gives you attendance to the academy for the next four months. All classes have to be completed within the 4-month term. No cancellation or refunds available.