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This is an exclusive offer for golfers needing a roadmap to better golf.  The Golf Plan is a monthly subscription that provides you the tools to practice better, assess your game, and keep in touch with your coach.

The Golf Plan is built on four pillars of success.

Pillar #1: The Golf Spreadsheet

  • This consists of a written out detailed plan for all areas of your game.
  • Full Swing Plan & Short Game Plan
  • Drills for Improvement & Points-based drills to practice
  • Goals & Stat Tracking

Pillar #2: Access to your Coach via The Golf Live App

  • This gives you the ability to reach out to your coach away from lessons to ask questions or chat about your game.
  • Send videos to your coach for review.
  • In-person lessons recorded and stored on The Golf Live App.

Pillar #3: Live Streams via The Golf Live App

  • Get access to live video streams monthly covering various golf topics.

Pillar #4: A monthly membership to GolfTee Performance Center

  • This will give the golfer the opportunity to conduct points-based drills.